Elliz Clothing ® is a cutting edge alternative clothing line founded by artist Elisa Féliz. It offers a unique apparel with an international distribution, bringing you the coolest novelty streetwear for those more artistic individuals. We are the pioneers in alternative clothing in Dominican Republic.

Our main headquarters are in Charlotte, North Carolina, Us. But our orders are also fulfilled at the other headquarters in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Latvia, China and Dominican Republic. We're always expanding our locations for a better reach and fastest worldwide shipping.

Elliz partners with some big name companies such as Blue Country Jeans and XSIDE Comics. The garments we print on are supplied by the top companies, which provide the best quality apparel in the market, such as: American Apparel, Anvil, Gildan, L.A. Apparel and Bella Canvas.

Our brand was founded and registered in Santo Domingo, DR in 2007, while Elisa was finishing highschool. She started this brand with no help or support, but with great passion and a great idea that would touch many. It started with her building the site herself, making the advertising, the photo shoots, the graphic design and the branding. Our first models were her cousin and a friend.

Nowadays, our products are being sold at the biggest internet marketplaces, such as Etsy, Storenvy, InkTale, Tictail, Big Cartel, Amazon... And at retail stores in Dominican Republic such as D'Jovenes and Blue Country Jeans. Our products can be reached from anywhere in the world through this website's online store.