2019 Santo Domingo Shoot

Elliz Clothing 2019 Photo shoot in Santo Domingo, RD.

Model: Mariana Pernía. Photographer: Elisa Féliz

Jen Janet I don't belong

Jen Janet’s “I Don’t Belong”

If you’re looking for excellent music to fill your playlist, this is a post you don’t want to miss. One amazing artist that we would like to introduce to you is Jen Janet. She might look familiar to you. That’s because she was the vocalist of Blind Revision and is now the vocalist for Mimesis and Novarium. We have just recently seen her latest music video (in which she models clothing by our brand!) and we had to make a whole post about it. Read more “Jen Janet’s “I Don’t Belong””

2014 Santo Domingo Shoot

Our first shoot in Dominican Republic.
Models: Maarsel Atallah & Michela Liagi / Photos: Michael Homúnculo / Editing: Elisa Féliz

Genesis Navas

Singer Genesis Navas modeling for Elliz Clothing.
Photographer: Enmanuel Gómez

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